The Start. Purchased from the original owners in 2006 we were the first persons to enter the Mansion after the earthquake of 1954. Five years of planning and meticulous renovation work ensued with the use of Oak, Granite, Marble and Hardwood throughout with the help of local craftsmen. Finally a roof of local Pelion stone.

Has the House Changed? The original rooms and layout of the mansion is retained exactly as it was even to the detail of the colour of the windows and details of plaster work. However we were also able to add all modern facilities including en-suite bathrooms and a modern wellness area in the lower level.

The finish. We finally opened to visitors in 2011 and have been welcoming guests to Pelion ever since

What Can I see now of the old Mansion? Visitors now will stay in one of the Mansions original bedrooms and experience the house exactly as it was. During the renovation of the site many books and magazines were also discovered from the year of the earthquake, such as the magazine Elle, with the cover of famous artists such as Grace Kelly and Marlon Brando, and the magazine “Woman”. These magazines are displayed everywhere in the Mansion as artwork along with other items such as the authentic heavy wooden entrance doors.

The Future? Over the last years, we have partnered with local activity providers and in 2021 became fully developed to offer a wide range of activity and culturl experiences to enable our guests to make the most from Pelions unique opportunities